Gary W Marr

I like to paint.


I like to change my direction on a whim, or work on several series, in several mediums at the same time.  While it makes life less boring for me, it also allows me to channel the month, day, week into something or other.  I have found that I like to do it in either color, or form using the far right side of my brain to attempt to get across what I mean to do, the message that I might be trying to deliver.


In reality, my art is a configuration of shape and color with usually something about the work or series that might mean something to me, or to the viewer.  I usually use “figures” to set a frame of mind, though my coloring is to set the mood.  




Gary W. Marr is the founder and owner of Sapere Art/Intuitive Works.  An emerging artist himself, Gary spent 30 years in the hotel industry, with the past 20+ as Director of Catering for both Hyatt and Marriott Hotels.  In those positions, where basically your talents are in event, decor, food and beverage design to satisfy the needs, and to “deliver messages” of others, Gary is taking his creative side and placing his own “thoughts” on paper and canvas.